1. Connect to WiFI

-Select TritonSchools

-Enter the following:

-EAP Method: PEAP
-Authentication: MSCHAPv2
-CA Certificate: "unspecified" or "Do Not Check"
-Identity: your network username
-Password: your network password
-Keep anonymous identity blank

2. Install the Firewall Certificate
-Download the attached file "Sophos XG.pem" - you may need to download it to a USB drive on a computer and plug it into the Chromebook

-Open Chromebook settings
-Scroll down to "advanced"

-Click "manage certificates"

-Click the "authorities" tab

-Click "import"

-Double click to open the Sophos XG.pem file in your downloads
-Check all three checkboxes to trust the certificate

Reconnect to TritonSchools