You need to know the session the student is currently in and the session they are being moved to (if the session does not exist, you can create it in Step 6)

  1. Go to Testing > Students in Sessions
  2. Click on Add a Session; type the first 3 letters of the 1st session and click Add Selected
  3. Repeat for the second session
  4. Click on the session that the student is in and click the box next to the student's name
  5. Click the down arrow under Select Tasks and choose Move Students between Sessions and click START
  6. In the new screen, click the box for the moved-to session and click MOVE (If there isn't a session to move them to, you can create a new one in this screen)
  7. When done, click Exit Tasks
  8. Printing a ticket: In the next screen make sure the student's new session is showing the list of students
  9. The student's box should be checked from when you moved them so now click on Resources and choose Print selected for this session