The following are instructions for conducting Makeup Sessions as well as for how to stop the sessions once ALL students have tested.

IMPORTANT: Please ensure that only ONE person at your school is responsible for STOPPING sessions.

Makeup Sessions:

  1. On Session 1 Makeup Day, go to Sessions and     select each session that has a makeup student
  2. Then click on Go to Students in Sessions
  3. Click the Combined View
  4. For Session 1, click the down arrow on the student's     gray Ready status to unlock their test.
  5. Once a student submits their test, lock their test.
  6. Repeat for Session 2.

Stopping Sessions Once ALL Students Have Tested:

  1. Go to Sessions and select each session you are     going to stop
  2. Then click on Go to Students in Sessions
  3. Click on each session individually to ensure that ALL     student tests are in the blue Completed     state
  4. After checking ALL sessions and are assured that they     are complete, click Combined View
  5. Then click Stop All Sessions on the right hand     side
  6. You will see the green In Progress dot change to a red Stopped dot

*** If you prefer, you can also stop each session individually instead of clicking the Combined View. Just click on the session name while in Step 3 and click Stop Session.