1. From Chrome, click the printer icon or select File → Print.

  2. When the print dialog box appears, the destination will default to save the document and convert to PDF.  Click the “Change” button as seen below.

  1. A list of printers available to Chrome OS devices will be displayed.  Select the printer of your choice. 

  1. You will then see the message below asking if you would like to add a local printer.  Select “Not now,” as there are is no need to add a local printer.  Several network printers are already available.

  1. Confirm the printer has changed and that the desired printer is displayed.  Click Print.

  1. Finally you will be prompted to authenticate into PaperCut, the service which provides print capabilities to Chrome OS.  Enter your username and password and click “Print.”

 *Username and password are the same as your network login credentials.  (Firstname.lastname for staff and LASID for students).  

 **Do not include your Google domain (i.e. @tritonschools.org).