To send a fax, most of you have two (2) options.


1. Send a fax using any copier

    a. You must have a HelloFax account set up

    b. Scan your badge

    c. Choose "Scan"

    d. Choose "Fax"

    e. Enter the fax number you are sending to (including the country code), recipient name, and recipient company

    f. Edit any settings on the right

    g. Choose "Start" on the bottom right


2.  Log into with your Google ID/password and upload a scanned document.  Enter the phone number that you’d like to send the fax to.

*Note: This option is only available to front offices and administration.


Upload the Document

Head to the Send a fax page, click the Upload Files button, and select the file you’ll be sending. HelloFax supports “a wide range of files including doc, docx, pdf, ppsx, ppt, pptx, tif, jpg, jpeg, png, xls, xlsx, txt, and gif files,” so you shouldn’t have any trouble uploading your document.

An alternative to uploading your file is to connect your Google Drive account and add a file that’s already stored  there. You can also drag and drop your document on the HelloFax page Send a fax page rather than using the file selection window.