Print to the "Triton Copier" printer

Logging into copier to releasing print jobs



Step 1


Swipe your ID card or touch the box next to ID: to display the keyboard and enter your staff ID code.

Step 2

Select the choices:  Print Release

Releasing print jobs from copiers


Print jobs will now be securely stored until the user logs into any networked Multifunction - Copier and releases or deletes the print job(s) in queue. Any jobs left in the queue, unreleased / printed for more than 12 hours will be automatically erased.

Step 1


Select the “Print Release” option from the menu

Step 2


Choose the jobs that you want to print and press the “Print” button.

 Step 3

The number of copies, and other settings, can be changed by selecting the to the right of a print job.