Step 1


Swipe your ID card or touch the box next to ID: to display the keyboard and enter your staff ID code.

Step 2

Select the choices:  Access Device

Scanning Features




Step 1


Select the “Scan” option from the menu

Step 2


Choose between your scanning options:

  • Send to your H Drive
  • Send to your Email
  • Send to your Google Drive

Step 3


Review Settings:

  • If OK, click START
  •  If not, click Change settings

Step 4 (Optional)


Select Change Settings:


Scan a 2-sided document

Scan in color

Change file type

One Time Registration for Scanning to Google Drive





Step 1


After you have used the “Scan to Google Drive” option for the first time, check your email for a notification to log into your account.

Step 2


You are finished. You can now scan from the copiers to your Google Drive account.