General Telephone instructions

▪ Dial 7 to dial external telephone numbers

▪ Internal calls, dial 4 digit extension

▪ Emergency calls dial 911


Telephone Features


Transfer a Call

▪ Press the Transfer button.

▪ Enter the destination extension.

▪ Press the Transfer soft key.


Consultative Transfer 

▪ Press the Transfer button.

▪ Enter the destination extension.

▪ Wait for call to get answered

▪ Press the Yes soft key to complete transfer or press Cancel to return to caller


Transfer a call directly to another users Voice Mailbox:

▪ Press the Transfer Button.

▪ Enter the destination extension.

▪ Press the More soft key.

▪ Press the To MB soft key.



▪ Press the Conference button.

▪ Enter the destination extension.

▪ Press the Yes soft key once 2nd party answers call.


Call Redirect

Redirect an incoming call directly to your Voice Mailbox:

▪ Incoming call arrives to your set

▪ Press the To VM soft key




Park a call on another telephone

▪ Press the Park soft key.

▪ Dial the extension where you wish to park the call.

▪ Press the Park soft key again.



Unpark a call from a telephone

▪ Press the Unpark soft key.

▪ Dial the extension where the call was parked.

▪ Press the Unpark soft key again.


Call Handling Modes

Change your Call Handling Mode

▪ On your phone extension, press the Mode soft key.

▪ Use the scroll button to select Standard, In a Meeting, Out of Office, Extended Absence, or Custom mode.

▪ Press the OK soft key.



Find phone extensions on your network

▪ Press the Directory button

▪ Dial corresponding keys for the name                 

▪ Press the Scroll button until the entry is selected.

▪ Press Dial soft key to dial the number.


▪ Press the History button. 

▪ Press the Dial softkey again to dial the last number you called


Call History

▪ Press the History button. 

▪ Press the scroll button to select from a list of calls


Voice Mail


Voice Mail Set Up

▪ Press the Voice Mail button.

▪ Press Call VM softkey

▪ Enter the default password 1234 and press #.

Follow the prompts to change your password and record your name. 





Record Personal Greeting

▪ From the main menu, press 7

▪ Press 1 to record your greeting ~ follow prompts to record


Log in to Voice Mail

▪ Press the Voice Mail button

▪ Press Call VM softkey

▪ Enter your password and Press #. 


Log in to Voice Mail Remotely

▪ Dial your own phone number.

▪ When you hear your greeting, press  ## 

▪ Follow the prompts to log in to your mailbox


Check Voice Mail from another extension

▪ Press the Voice Mail button.

▪ Press the Call VM softkey

▪ Press #.

▪ Enter your extension.

▪ Enter your password and Press #


Playing, Saving and Deleting Voice Mail

▪ From the main menu, Press 1 to listen to messages. 

▪ While listening to a message, press:

1 to replay.

2 to save.

3 to delete

to forward

Changing your Extension Assignment

Assign your extension to another phone:

▪ Log in to Voice Mail from the target phone ~            an extension other than your own

▪ At the Main Menu prompt, press 7

▪ Press 3 to re-assign the extension

      Press 1 to assign the extension

Press 2 to un-assign the extension           (extension reverts to its original extension)

Change your Call Handling Mode via Voice Mail

▪ Log in to Voice Mail by following the remote access instructions

▪ At the Main Menu prompt, press 7

▪ Press 2 to Set Call Handling Mode ~                  follow prompts to choose the desired Mode

Main Menu Options

1 Listen to Messages

2 Send Messages

3 Listen to Save Messages

7    Change Mailbox Options

      1   Record greeting

      2   Set call handling mode

      3   Re-assign extension

      4   Set password

      5   Enable/disable envelope information

      6   Record name

      7   Listen to deleted messages

      8   Remove deleted messages

      9   Additional options

      *   Cancel


Additional Training Resources