Connecting Through Viscosity

Make sure you are first connected to the internet at home

1. On the bottom right, near the clock, click the following icon:

If this icon is not showing, open Viscosity from the Start Menu

2. In the menu, choose the top open where you see your name

3. Wait a few seconds to connect - you should get a notification stating you are connected to Triton's network

4. To disconnect, repeat steps 1 & 2

To download the configuration (one time) -

1. Go to

2. Choose "advanced", then at the bottom "proceed" 

You will be brought to this sign in screen

2. Sign in using your computer credentials: firstname.lastname

3. Choose "Download Configuration For Other OSs" (If SSL VPN doesn't show, user needs to be added to SSL VPN security group in Active Directory by IT)

4. At the bottom, click to open the downloaded file

5. You should get a connection success message