Free Apps

1. Open the "Triton Apps Store" on the bottom right

2. Login using:
        Username: Triton Apps

        Password: tritonapps

3. A list of available free apps will display.  Tap "Install" under the app you would like.

Apps can be browsed by category by tapping the three dots on the top left next to the Viking logo or searched through the search button on the bottom right

*NOTE: After installing apps, be sure to log off by tapping the three dots and choose "log off". 

Request a New App Not Listed (Free & Paid apps)

1. On the bottom, tap search

2. Search for the app you would like and tap "request"

3. Enter the 5-digit iPad device number (found on the bottom of the lock screen, OR in Settings > General > About OR on the back of the iPad on the blue Triton sticker), your name, and how the app will be funded (see paid apps note below).  If the app is free, enter "free" as the funding source

4. Click submit.  This will open a help desk ticket with the request.  We will let you know if/when the app has been approved

Paid Apps

Paid apps need to be charged using a District-issued credit card or through grant or PTA funds.  SPED apps need to be approved by the SPED department

  • Follow the "request a new app not listed" instructions
  • Under funding souce, enter:
    • The budget number to charge
    • If it's a grant or PTA funds (If it's grant or PTA money, that money needs to be sent to CO with a note with your name, school name and what it is for.)
    • If using a credit card, ONLY enter which department/school card is being used.  We will retrieve the credit card information from the accounting department