PCI - Credit card information/Social Security numbers.

FERPA - Student education records.

Objectionable Content - Words that cannot/should not be used in a formal setting.

HIPAA - Data regarding health concerns/safeguarding of medical information.

CIPA - Language that children cannot be exposed to as per state regulation.

Movies and Audio Filter
- Checks for file types belonging to movies and audio.

Cyberbullying - Bullying over the internet including aggressive terminology Source Code DLP - Hand written code, HTML.

Individual Education Plan - Evaluation that schools do for children that are physically or mentally challenged. This card identifies these docs and sees who they’re being shared to. FIPAA - For the freedom of information and protection of privacy act (Canada).

MFIPPA - For Ontario’s municipal FIPPA law.

PIPEDA - A Canadian law regarding how private sector organizations collect, use and disclose personal information.

Life Threats - Suicide, self-harm.

SOPIPA - For California’s Student Online Personal Information Protection Act.

Child Abuse - Searches for any kind of abusive experience being written by a student. Abuse to them from anyone.

Phishing - Checks to see if fraudulent emails from companies that are well-established are present.

Drug Abuse - Drug use, terminology, alcohol included.

Sensitive Authorized Data - Usernames/logins for any portal as well as passwords for auditing. Confidential Data - Any confidential data. It only checks for the specific phrase ‘confidential data’. For businesses. Sales Data - Data related to annual revenue and lead source/accounts. For businesses. Marketing Data - Data regarding sales lead opportunities. For Business.

Violence - General physical aggression, including guns.