1. Open Microsoft Word and select Open Other Documents from the bottom left side.

    If Word is already open to a blank or existing document, Go to File.

  2. Navigate to Open and then Browse.

    Open menu in Microsoft Word
  3. Locate the PDF file you want to put a password on, and then choose Open.

  4. Choose OK on the message about Microsoft Word converting the PDF into an editable form.

    PDF conversion prompt in Microsoft Word
  5. Open the File > Save As > Browse menu.

  6. From the Save as type: drop-down menu that probably says Word Document (*.docx), choose PDF (*.pdf).

    Microsoft Word save as PDF option
  7. Name the PDF and then choose Options.

  8. Select the box next to Encrypt the document with a password from the bottom of the prompt.

    Microsoft Word PDF options
  9. Choose OK.

  10. Enter a password for the PDF twice.

    Encrypt PDF Document password prompt in Microsoft Word
  11. Choose OK to save and exit that window.

  12. Pick where to save the new PDF file and then select Save.

  13. You can now exit any open Microsoft Word documents that you're not longer working in.