If your document is in Word or Google Doc format, you must first save it as a PDF.

You can also add a password to a PDF to limit access and restrict certain features, such as printing, copying, and editing.

  • Open the Protect toolbar by one of the following:
    • Choose Tools > Protect.
    • Clickin the Common Tools toolbar, and choose Protect.
  • Click Encrypt in the Protect toolbar, and choose Password Protect.
  • In the Password Protectiondialog box, do the following:
    • Check Require a password to open the document option, and type the password in the corresponding field to set a password to open the PDF file.
    • Check Add Document Restrictionoption and do the following to add restrictions to document actions:
      • Input the password in the corresponding field.
      • Click Permission to specify the restriction settings.
    • Select an encryption algorithm, and check Don't encrypt metadata if you don't want to encrypt the document metadata.
    • Click OK and save the document to make setting take effect.


  • Do NOT send the password in the same email as the document.

  • You must send 2 separate emails:

  • - One email will have the attached password-protected document along with text letting the recipient know that they will receive a separate email with the password.

  •  - Second email will contain the password