This article will assist you in connecting your district-owned Chromebook to the TritonSchools Wi-Fi network.


  1. In the lower-right of your Chromebook screen, click on the gray oval where the time and battery status are displayed.
  2. Click on the text that says "Not connected, No networks".
  3. From the list of available Wi-Fi networks, click on TritonSchools.
  4. Under EAP method dropdown, choose PEAP.
  5. Under EAP Phase 2 authentication dropdown, choose MSCHAPv2.
  6. Under Server CA certificate dropdown, choose Do not check.
  7. Scroll down within the Join Wi-Fi network dialog until you see the field labeled Identity.
  8. Enter the following information into the Identity field:
    1. For staff members, enter firstname.lastname (the first part of your email address before
    2. For students, enter your six-digit student ID number (also known as your lunch number)
  9. In the Password field, enter your Chromebook/Gmail logon password. (If you need to see the password as you are typing, you can click the grey eye icon to the right of the Password field)
  10. Do not enter anything into the Anonymous Identity field.
  11. Make sure the Save identity and password option is enabled (slider is blue and is on the right side)
  12. Click the blue Connect button at the bottom of the window.

You should now be connected to the TritonSchools Wi-Fi network. If you are not able to successfully connect, please submit a Help Desk ticket.